About Us

We are on a mission to redefine hijab.

Since our founding, we have made modest fashion a daily experience for our community , always striving to have a positive impact on our community, the industry and the world.

We believe that style and love of faith can combine beautifully.
Because as a hijabi you wear your headscarf with pride and dedication. You wear it as a confident statement piece of your values.

As a Hijabi you become part of our mission. Because it is the heart of our brand:

We want to empower Muslim women to live their faith.
Confident, independent and with style.

That's why our Modest Fashion Shop combines modern styles and elegance with the needs of fashion-conscious Muslim women who want to dress covered up and confidently strive for greatness - while fulfilling the guidelines of the hijab.

Our sustainability

At HIJABI, we live our values ​​with every breath. As an authentic brand for modest fashion in Germany, we align our lives and our company with the values ​​of Islam - this also includes the understanding of sustainability in our faith.

As a Muslim business, it is our duty to act with care, consideration and respect to ensure a secure future for all of us on this planet.

As Muslims who live and love their faith, the principles of equality, diversity and respect for people and nature are among our core values. Our sustainability work is the foundation on which we build our modest fashion shop HIJABI.

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Our designs

Our positive impact on people and the environment is the result of how we make our products, where we source our materials and how we run our business.

We release new products seasonally in small quantities, all designed in-house, and only produce additional products upon request from our customers. This allows us to continually create new products without being wasteful.


our founder

"For me, the deeper meaning of HIJABI is that we encourage ourselves to confidently stand by our values."

Our team

As a female founded company, we are proud that 99% of our team consists of inspiring women, most of whom wear the hijab themselves. We understand the needs of our community on a very special level and know exactly which products are the best to wear the hijab with style and confidence.