Our responsibility for sustainability is in line with our beliefs. At HIJABI, we consider sustainability as a central pillar of our company DNA, based on the deep-rooted values ​​of Islam. With a committed focus on environmental protection, social responsibility and ethical action, we are committed to creating a sustainable future.

Sustainability at HIJABI

Product, planet and people.

Our 3 pillars of sustainability


We believe that the concept of “modest fashion” goes beyond quality and style. It's also about a sustainable supply chain from which the high-quality materials used come and respectful partnerships that help bring each product to life.

Sustainability and faith go hand in hand

Through our environmentally conscious shipping options and packaging materials, we minimize our environmental footprint and help protect our planet, which Allah has entrusted to us. At HIJABI, we do our best to make a positive contribution to the world through sustainable innovations and conscious consumer behavior that our customers can share with pride.

Longevity & Quality

Our products are designed to last. In this way, we not only offer our stylish customers more value, but also contribute to the circular economy by reducing waste.

Packed plastic-free

For us, respect for our nature is not a new fashion trend, but rather an integral part of our values ​​and brand identity. We rely on plastic-free packaging and are working on packaging all products in our range more sustainably by 2025.

Production conditions

It is important to us to work with trustworthy people who are in harmony with the valuable teachings of Islam. This means we can not only produce first-class products, but also work with the valuable teachings of Islam and ensure fair working conditions.

Charitable initiative

By building a school for disadvantaged girls in Africa, we want to create opportunities and enable young women to shape their lives the way they want.

Simply donating money is not enough for us: we want to fight the problem at its root by building the HIJABI School.