washing tips for each material

Care instructions

Our Hijabs & Essentials are crafted by us with great care to ensure that they retain their quality even after multiple washes.

This will keep your hijab beautiful and like new

In general: headscarves and headscarves, like any other piece of clothing, can easily be put in the wash at 30-40 degrees, depending on the material .

*Special care is required for the following materials:

  • Premium Jersey - roll up into a snail and wash in a laundry net to preserve elasticity and avoid pilling!

  • Premium Modal - wash cold or hand only, otherwise the fabric will bunch and fray.

Important!! Both fabrics should only be air dried.

Separate materials by color

Use laundry net

Avoid fabric softeners

Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees

Avoid tumble dryers if possible

Wash new products before wearing

1. Separate materials by color

You should wash white textiles separately from other colors. The same applies to black clothing. You can wash colorful textiles together without worry - with one exception: red!
This ensures that your textiles retain their original color even after several washes.

2. Use washing net

With a laundry net you can protect textiles from friction and unsightly, small balls. This effect is also referred to as pilling. If you wash your hijabs in a laundry net, the smooth surface of the textiles can be retained even after many washes.

3. Avoid fabric softener

Aggressive cleaning agents not only harm the environment, but also most textiles.
So try to avoid them.

4. Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees

30 or 40 degrees is sufficient to get textiles just as clean as at higher temperatures. You also save a lot of energy thanks to low temperatures.
A wash cycle produces 0.6kg of CO2 at 30 degrees, and almost six times as much at 60 degrees!
If it is very dirty, you can soak the textiles beforehand or use a hygiene detergent.

5. Avoid the dryer if possible

Ideally, the following applies to all products: it is best not to use the dryer. This means the quality of your textiles can be maintained even after many washes. The heat in the dryer can cause products to shrink or lose their shape easily.

6. Wash new products before wearing

Some people are allergic to the substances used in the manufacturing process or with which the product has come into contact. Therefore, you should generally always wash your clothes before wearing them for the first time.