Find your perfect hijab

I have an egghead in this bandana! This statement is not uncommon among hijabis. Often the uncertainty is just because many women don't know which headscarf or bone model best suits their face shape.

With all the variations of hijabs and under-head scarves, you can quickly lose track of the models. We will explain to you which headscarf and under-headscarf best suit different face shapes.

Determine your face shape and discover our style guide suggestions.
Heart-shaped face shape / Square face shape / Oval face shape / Round face shape

1. Heart-shaped face shape

Broad, dominant forehead, prominent cheekbones and a rather pointed chin.

2. Square face shape

Roughly the same facial width and length. The forehead and jaw appear rather angular.

3. Oval face shape

Perfectly balanced facial features and even shapes.

4. Round face shape

Soft, balanced facial features and round shape.